Bleak 3

To reflect the dismal subject matter of the sketches, they have been drawn and painted on recycled scraps of cardboard packaging.


They are mounted in low-value picture frames, most of which have been rescued from a house clearance. The mounts are coloured with leftover paint that would otherwise have been thrown away.


The total cost of the materials used to draw, paint and mount the series was less than £25


Proceeds of the sale of these sketches will go to planting thousands of trees in Madagascar, a country with an ecosystem that has suffered for many years from neglect and mismanagement.


Much like most of these buildings.






The sketches are no longer on display


The remaining original artworks can still be bought for £30 each, framed. The proceeds from the sale will go to reforestation projects in Madagascar.


To purchase a 'Bleak' original artwork contact Tim at [email protected]