Madagascar is the place where, in 2005, four Central Park Zoo animals were shipwrecked. The adventures of Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo have been playing out on cinema screens in a series of films ever since.

In reality Madagascar is a poverty stricken island, home to a rapidly growing population of over 25 million people the majority of whom scrape a subsistence-level existence from an increasingly impoverished land. The primary forest is being destroyed at the fastest rate of any tropical country and over 80% of the tree cover has been destroyed already by burning.


This is not palm oil slash and burn, this is destruction of productive forest to create charcoal that can be sold to survive.


But for how long?


The destruction of the forests is endangering the unique fauna native to the island, most notably the lemurs who live in shrinking patches of habitat.


Madagascar lost 2% of its entire primary forest in 2018. That was more than any other tropical country.


When we visited Madagascar we could smell it burning.


All of the artist's proceeds from sale of the artwork featured on this site will be donated to the Eden Reforestation Project in Madagascar.


Every £100 raised will plant over 1300 trees and give employment.


You can visit the Eden Reforestation Project website HERE

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