Bleak 3

'BLEAK' is a series of sketches made around the inner city

area of Birmingham in the grey January of 2019.


Each of the sketches is of a building that is in some distress,

neglected and with little hope of ever gaining its former glory.


They all have a history.


They are all an important part of Birmingham's heritage.


But the stories they have to tell, go untold. They are unloved.


Some of them are protected by listing, either nationally or locally.


Some of them are by architects whose other work is recognised and preserved.


Some have deteriorated to the point that they are no longer considered worth listing.


None of them is on the 'at risk' register.



The sketches are currently being exhibited as a group at The Duke in Duke Street, Sutton Coldfield.


From 6 May until 1 June 2019 they will be exhibited at The Gunmakers Arms in Bath Street, Birmingham.


Throughout this period bids will be accepted for each of the artworks, the highest bid will be accepted in July, however much that is. The proceeds from the sale will go, less any venue commission, to reforestation projects in Madagascar.


To place a bid simply send your name, the name of the artwork and the bid amount to